Secure Data Access ( pSDA )

Product Description

SDA is a highly secure application for any data transfer between clients to server and is based upon an open architecture. It supports multiple protocols like FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP, AS2 etc. and also has support for numerous clients which user can choose for data transfer. End users can be authenticated via multiple ways such as native or LDAP authentication or simply a database level authorization can be done for security purposes. It provides a real time statistics and control over user operations to administrators.

SDA also has a rich subset of various reporting formats required for analysis or auditing purpose and all the reporting can be scheduled automatically. End users also get complete information via notifications about their data transfer operations so as to allow them validate each transfer. This is also a highly performance oriented application and is capable of handling huge and or several concurrent transfers. We provide excellent level of support to our clients and this product is highly beneficial for end users as well as administrators looking for a complete solution to manage their data transfer operations.

SDA Features

Platform Independent

Build on platform independent technology, It Supports contemporary and legacy OS and network protocols. SDA can be deployed on any OS LINUX/WINDOWS/SOLARIS and can be configured in high-availability configuration.

Multi-Protocol Support

SDA is a secure data transfer server software that supports a range of security protocols for secure file transfer. It supports FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), SFTP TP over SSH2), HTTP, HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), AS series (AS1/AS2/AS3/AS4) protocols and standard.

Centralized web based Administration

SDA has quite rich web based management interface which enables centralized server, data, report, user management. This unique interface enables easy various level feature administration.It provide real time updated servers and users on dashboard. Dashboard has control to start and stop server on demand. SDA is compatible with all mobile devices so that user can access it on the go.

System Integration and Scalability

SDA supports LDAP integration. Enterprise Single sign on can be integrate with SDA. SDA can be scale to match and support any Enterprise level requirement without degradation of performance. Single instance of running server can handle hundreds of concurrent users.

De-Duplication check

SDA has very unique file de-duplication feature which enables administrative control over flooding of similar type of data using automated program. This feature enables administrator to control such users and repetitive data.

Rest based API

Other system or software can integrate with SDA using rest based API for file upload and download.

Cost effective

Reduce operating cost by filtering, duplicate check at real time.

Reliable Security

Various encryption standards are supported by SDA including S/MIME.Data transfer happened in SDA using PGP, SSL/TLS,V3, PKCS#7, X.509. It provides passive security by keeping audit logs in details including IP address. SDA is compliance with password standard.

Integrated Reports

SDA has advance and easily customizable reporting interface, using which various types of file exchange reports can be generated for MIS purpose. SDA also allows you search and download your search result in PDF report format for your business need.

Data Quality and Delivery

Policy Based Transmission helps to improves data quality by discarding unnecessary files.Various type of policies can be defined for controlled data transfer. Data based policy or User based policy all can be defined by web administration. These policies can be participating in routing of files. All together combination or rules, content and access create thousands of polices to customize SDA for need of business.

Acknowledgement and Notification

Automated acknowledgement Feature - SDA acknowledges the data exchange between the client and server and sends out notification via email to the user and the administrator. On demand - SDA send report feature send custom reports to target user on demand.

File Transfers from Independent clients

SDA supports various open ftp client software freely available, including native OS tools. However, it has its own Web based interface too for easy to use client.

Real Time System Configuration Update

SDA enables administrators to modify various configuration and control parameters to be modified on the fly and enable the effect without affecting live services.

Browsers Support

All major browsers are supported like as IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera.