About Us

We believe in Innovation Excellence Accountability

Who We Are

Founded in 2012 company operates from two locations, Noida in India and North Carolina in North America. Company has high skilled engineers and architects experienced from IBM, Google, TCS, EMC, CSC, Oracle, Novell and many other world’s top 10 IT service and product companies. We initiated with a product for secure data exchange which has multiple secured protocols that enables user to transfer data between sites in very secured manner. The team benchmarked the security product and entered into performance monitoring and engagement tool which does real time data analysis of data travelling over the network based on set of system defined and custom rules which pretends very close to artificial intelligence actions on the data, finally, helps the performance and system engineers to maintain the system performance at very high as targeted.

The company has recently started on lean IT/manufacturing platform development which enabled lean enabled companies or working consultants to drive and track the company relative production and orientation based on lean architecture.

With teams of very high skilled and experienced IT professionals, company works on diversified computer technologies and incorporate best tools to help customer utilize available IT infrastructure in guiding better outcome from the business with minimum investment and governance.

Our Products and Team

At PerfMon we provide customers the most innovative, highly responsive and performance critical solutions optimized towards large scale exploration.

Continuous process improvement and a culture to think as a group allow us for more efficient, innovative ways to meet our client needs. From flexible architecture dealing with structural modelling, analysis and design to a constant and sustained development life cycle we utilize state of the art methods to add value to our products. With an experienced and professional R&D group we believe in innovation and utilization of methodology that generates maximum value and benefit to our customers. Our project teams have built a reputation of delivering uncommonly high level of support and service and everything we do is seen as an opportunity to improve our clients experience with our products and services.

Our Client

We are in engagement with financial institution, education and healthcare business verticals and growing rapidly on adding clients from other verticals like, marketing and advertising, media and communications etc.

Advisory board

PerfMon has an advisory committee with imminent people from different business verticals, this committee guides and review the team on periodic duration on performance and service deliveries. Many times the advisory board helps the solution team in designing product with futuristic view which helps the client driving business in better way.


PerfMon consulting is currently operating from two different location to provide 24/7 client support and development.

India: In India, PerfMon consulting operating from Noida and it has development and QA center. This center also provides level one support to all of clients.


All the Application and Technical architect operation done from USA. This location is located in state of North Carolina.